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MHS_NBC_Intermediate_(4)MHS Conveyor’s NBC (Narrow Belt Conveyor) is a belt driven live roller zero pressure accumulator. The narrow belt conveyor has a unit length of up to 220' or 500 lbs. of belt pull on a single drive with 2" and 3" roller centers. It is zero pressure accumulation conveyor with industry setting features while being packed with customer desired attributes translating into overall cost of ownership savings. With no chains, timing belts, or sprockets to maintain, lubricate, or align and a belt that is driven by a “direct drive” NORD parallel shaft gearmotor (also VFD capable), the NBC is flexible and easily maintained with simplicity in operation.


Maintenance skew sections can be field created within the beds at intervals along the entire system length with no modifications or added parts. This allows products to be consistently edge aligned for the entire length. PE (photo eye) controlled zones can be set to singulation or slug for the release. Each zone can be set independently for optimal throughput and product handling. The NBC also offers an available power supply that can accommodate MDR (motorized roller) equipment—this may be curves, merges, or other accessories that interface to NBC. The result is savings for both power supplies and wiring costs.


  • NO manual take upNBC is provided with an automatic pneumatic belt take up assembly incorporated into the drive – no periodic attention or maintenance is required
  • Belt tracking is not required—the belt is guided on both the driven side and return side by flanged pulleys throughout
  • Can be supported on 12’ centers and does NOT have to be supported on the bed joints/splices, due to the side frame design which facilitates less supports and install time


For more information on MHS Conveyor's NBC and the benefits and advantages this conveyor may have for your company's operation, contact CHC or your Sales Engineer.

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