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Matthews Automation’s Lightning Pick systems now offer additional features to speed up put wall order sortation – LED cubby illumination and light modules with photo-eye sensors for touchless task confirmation. Put walls are a space-efficient, easily deployed method of quickly scaling ecommerce and omnichannel order fulfillment operations. These two unique options, offered standalone or combined, can boost throughput in these light-directed applications.  


LightningPick_NewLPPutWallFeatures_Together-400wIndividual cubby illumination improves visibility. In put systems, totes are brought to put walls by carts, conveyor, AS/RS, AMRs or other material transport. Each tote contains orders that have been batch picked for multiple customers upstream, often for ecommerce. Put wall operators remove items one at a time and scan the barcode. This triggers a light module to illuminate on the cubby, which is an individual customer order, that requires the product.  

The Lightning Pick hardware platform now offers integrated LED lighting. Now when the operator scans an item, the light module and entire corresponding destination cubby are illuminated simultaneously. The increased brightness and visibility enable operators to sort with improved accuracy and speed.


touchless-pick-confirmation-light-w-photo-eyeTouchless put confirmation speeds throughput. Lightning Pick also offers a light module allowing operators to signal task completion in one of two waysby pushing the dome light/confirmation button or by breaking the infrared, photo-eye-based light curtain. The touch-free photo-eye sensor triggers the system to automatically record the put when the light plane is broken by a product entering the cubby. This enables operators to confirm a put without pushing a button, which speeds up the sortation of batch picked totes into individual customer orders for faster fulfillment. Touchless put confirmation offers users the ability to perform their processes with the validation method best suited for their unique fulfillment process.

For more information on Lightning Pick's LED cubby illumination or touchless put confirmation and the benefits and advantages they may have for your company's operation, contact CHC or your Sales Engineer.
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