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Panther Industries Servo Stand
Panther Industries, a leading manufacturer of print and apply and preprinted labeling automation solutions, brings additional flexibility to your operations with its automated adjustable height servo stand.
This upgraded stand can be added to any labeling system they manufacture to provide application of a label at varying heights without the need to manually adjust your applicator position or install multiple systems on your line(s), eliminating unnecessary downtime or errors.
While this solution is used predominantly for pallet labeling, the servo stand can also be used for carton labeling.*
Panther Industries Servo Stand
The controls of the Panther Industries servo stand are independent of their labeling systems, and will automatically adjust to the correct height to apply a label through one of two options:
  • The host provides a specific value that triggers the stand to raise or lower the label applicator to various heights. This provides the end user with specific control of where the label is to be applied on the front, side, front and side, or rear of an item with a Panther Industries labeling automation system.
  • An ultrasonic sensor detects the height of the item that receives the label and automatically raises or lowers the Panther Industries label applicator to the applicable position to apply the label to the front, side, front and side, or rear of an item. This provides a complete standalone solution without the need for host input.
When operations require periodic changeovers to adjust for different carton/item sizes, a Panther Industries servo stand automatically accounts for the new size and eliminates downtime or potential errors due to manual interaction or operator miscalculation.
For more information on Panther Industries' servo stand and the benefits it can have for your company's operation, contact CHC or your Sales Engineer.
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Carton labeling with servo stand is dependent on conveyor speed and rate of product.

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