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Meet Interroll's horizontal high performance crossbelt sorter—the MX 025H. The new high-performance system is capable of handling up to 20,000 conveyed goods per hour, including cardboard boxes, parcels, small packages, packaged foods, catalogue goods, padded envelopes, multimedia products, clothing, etc. With a narrower track, items are prevented from falling in and obstructing the carriers’ path, making it easier to stack.

With the increase in size capacity, each carrier can accommodate larger and heavier items, making this high-performance crossbelt sorter more robust. A tweak in the design allows heavy items to be discharged much faster. This allows for destination chutes to be made smaller, thereby making it possible to have more chutes within the same footprint of your facility. Improvements to the drive unit have resulted in the high-performance crossbelt sorter to benefit from a 40% increase in overall speeds and 30% higher throughput values, achieving better performance and increasing productivity.

This energy-efficient, faster, more flexible and even quieter crossbelt sorter can be used in many more applications and industries, such as heavy-duty CEP or other specialty applications where size and weight of the goods are a concern.


      • Basic mechanical principle

      • Longer crossbelt carriers for large and heavy material

      • Fast discharge of heavy objects

      • Driven by rubber belts

      • Easy, cost-effective maintenance

      • Quiet operation even at full load

For more information on Interroll's MX025H high performance crossbelt sorter and the benefits it may have for your company's operation, contact CHC or your Sales Engineer.  
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