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AmbaVeyor, by AmbaFlex, is a modular conveyor system designed for the internal transport of a wide variety of products. This flexible conveyor system can run over long distances and can include curves, straights, and inclines with just a single belt. Based on SpiralVeyor technology, it has the unique ability to flex sideways and go through upward and downward bends. This allows for straight, inclined and curved tracks to be incorporated into a single drive conveyor system of up to 50 meters in length. The reduced number of drives enhances the versatility of the system as a whole and reduces cost by eliminating drives, wiring, sensors, frequency inverters, and programming.
Capable of running at speeds of up to 60 meters per minute with a high load capacity of up to 50 kg/meter, depending on the type of product to be conveyed, the AmbaVeyor system will help you connect parts of the line without sacrificing valuable space while keeping the system simple and maintenance friendly. The AmbaVeyor runs effortlessly through curves, inclines, and straights with a continuous 3D-flexing belt. This centrally guided belt, a unique type based on composite slats fitted on a durable steel base chain, reduces the number of transfers avoiding jams and increasing versatility.
AF Curved Solution Options


  • Easy Maintenance: Slats can quickly be snapped on and off by hand (no tools required)
  • Uniform spare parts
  • A unique modular conveyor system with endless flexibility in nine predefined curved solutions that fit almost any job
  • One continuous conveyor that incorporates straights, inclines, and curves
  • Cuts the number of drives by 30%


For more information on AmbaFlex's AmbaVeyor and the benefits they may have in your company's warehouse, talk to your CHC Sales Engineer and get started with CHC, your systems integrator.
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