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24VDC.VACThe Vertical Accumulation Conveyor by NorthAmCon, LLC is designed with a compact footprint, making efficient use of vertical space. This feature allows warehouses to maximize their storage capacity without expanding horizontally. The conveyor system employs zero-pressure accumulation technology. It eliminates contact between items, reducing the risk of product damage during transportation.  The bi-directional functionality enables seamless movement of goods both up and down between different levels of the warehouse. This flexibility streamlines logistics in multi-level facilities. The built to order conveyor can be customized to meet specific product and application needs. This allows for conveyor heights and variable roller widths to have a customized solution for various inventory types.
With no chains, slats, sprockets, chain tensioners or high voltage AC motors and reducers that require a VFD, the vertical accumulation conveyor features 24VDC driven rollers, a highly energy-efficient alternative to traditional conveyor motors. This reduces power consumption and contributes to sustainability efforts. Applications for the vertical accumulation conveyor include: E-commerce fulfillment centers, distribution and logistics hubs, manufacturing and production facilities, food and beverage processing, and pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  
  • Small footprint and customization
  • Spiral incline or decline utilizing 24V DC driven rollers
  • Vertical zero-pressure accumulation

To further inquire about NorthAmCon's vertical accumulation conveyor and the benefits and advantages they may have for your company's operation, please reach out or contact your CHC Sales Engineer.

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