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Nercon 41278173 _mattopNercon’s MatTop conveyors are a versatile conveyor system that provides maximum flexibility and reliability for packaging applications of various sizes, shapes, and weights requiring gentle and smooth conveying. Ideal for large or small packaging and food handling applications, these conveyors provide long life, high impact resistance, layout flexibility, and quick and easy maintenance.
The corrosion resistant modular plastic mat top belt allows for quick and easy cleaning and low maintenance, plus side-turning belt construction supports product transportation in minimal floor space, turns and spirals. Flat top, radius, friction top, straight plastic and low back pressure roller top belt options give additional flexibility to meet a variety of product handling needs, including curves, straights, metering, inclines and declines.
  • Design flexibility, ease of layout
  • Efficient and gentle handling
  • Low noise level
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Fixed or variable speed options
Additionally, Nercon's innovative sanitary MatTop conveyor (shown above) allows for hygienic standards to be met with maximum cleaning efficiency and minimum production downtime. Suitable for snack foods & bakery, packaged foods, meat & poultry and dairy foods industries, the sanitary MatTop conveyor will safely and efficiently move your material through the conveyor line.

For more information on Nercon's MatTop/Sanitary MatTop Conveyor and the benefits and advantages either may have for your company's operation, contact CHC or your Sales Engineer.

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