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Parcel Conveyor SolutionsHytrol's parcel conveyor solutions, to include BPC, HSS, HSS-HD, HSQ, and PBD are engineered to provide best-in-class material handling solutions to accommodate specific application needs for the ground-based and overnight deliveries of the world's largest post and parcel couriers.
BPC (Bolted Parcel Conveyor) is designed per courier specifications for bulk flow handling. This modular design is ideal for the wear and tear of high-speed parcel facilities, while accommodating rapid maintenance and repair. The HSS (High Speed Singulated) conveyor is application specific, designed for heavy-duty, presort, and scan tunnel areas. Maintenance is quick and easy with the use of courier specific rollers and quick access guarding.
The heavy-duty high speed singulated (HSS-HD) is designed to fill the voidParcel Conveyor Solutions in parcel handling between singulated flow and bulk handling. This semi-bulk handling conveyor is ideal for unloaders and recirculation lines. The high speed queue (HSQ) is used for high-speed gapping of parcels. The simple and robust design works in conjunction with standard parcel widths for preinduction to scanning and sortation. 
Parcel Conveyor SolutionsThe PBD's (Parcel Bulk Diverter) pneumatically operated bulk flow plow is used for manual sort facilities. Its flow controls and locator proximity switches make it simple to operate and the removable guarding make it simple to maintain. A complete line of parcel specific components and accessories are also made available.

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