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EUROSORT CTSEuroSort’s newest sorter, the Single Cross Tray Sorter (CTS) can easily sort the smallest, lightest, and least conveyable items. The sorter is suitable for small parcels, e-commerce items, fashion, shoe boxes, sportswear and pharmaceutical product. Using a positive mechanical divert that can sort both left and right and a simple and reliable divert mechanism that avoids expensive motors in the carriers, the Cross Tray Sorter can sort previously unsortable items at throughputs of up to 9,600 items/hour.

The trays are enclosed on all four sides, meaning every product – large, small, flat or round - remain in place throughout its entire journey on the sorter. The cleats on both sides of the tray provide a forced discharge, so each item will end up in the correct exit while making two-sided discharging possible.

CTS Advantages:

  • Two sided discharge - compact footprint
  • Works well with small, lightweight, smooth and cylindrical items
  • Trays are enclosed on four sides - products stay in place; also in curves
  • Forced discharge - minimizes sort errors and rework
  • Lower investment costs - no expensive automatic induction system required
  • Proven Friction Drive System - extremely low energy consumption
  • Modular design, wear and tear is kept to a minimum - low maintenance costs
  • Light construction - also suitable for standard mezzanine floors

For more information on Eurosort's Single Cross Tray Sorter and the benefits it may have for your company's operation, talk to your CHC Sales Engineer.

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