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NBS90 PolySort_Polybags-1In an ever evolving material handling atmosphere TGW introduces the NBS90® specifically designed to sort polybags, jiffy packs, flats, and other odd shaped loads. TGW’s NBS90® PolySort, using tighter carrying belt and transfer roller centers, provides for 90° diverting of both cartons and polybag type loads at rates of 50 parcels per minute or more. The transfer rollers sit lower when not activated and raise higher when diverting to maximize the clearance between the loads and the carrying belts. Extra protective guides and special rubber transfer roller covers create a clean and quick divert action which allows for high transfer rates. Perfect for handling those “un-sortable” loads like polybags, the NBS90® PolySort supplies the solution that most fulfillment centers require. Even higher sort rates can be achieved when conveying more stable or flat loads.
Key Features and Benefits Include:Rollers
  • Specifically designed to handle hard to transfer loads with (9) closely packed carrying belts
  • High friction natural rubber transfer roller coating with an extended transfer lift range, raised and lowered
  • Polybags, flats envelopes, and cartons all sorted on the same sorter
  • Prevents loads from dipping below the surface and keeps poly bags from snagging on structure  
For more information on TGW's NBS90® Polysort and the benefits it may have for your company's operation, contact CHC or your Sales Engineer.
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