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EZ Guide System

Span Tech's EZ Guide™ guide rail system, with its unique features, can be used for many product guidance situations. The most notable feature of the EZ Guide™ system is that it does not have any protruding brackets or shafts which could be a major safety hazard.  Traditional guide rail systems use a solid-mounted shaft to mount their guide rail.  When the rail is adjusted to its “maximum open” position, these shafts stick out from the sides of the conveyor, becoming a place where someone can easily get their clothes or other body parts caught.  The EZ Guide™ system does not have any mechanical components that extend extensively from the sides of the conveyor during adjustment.  All the mechanics are done within the shrouded portion of the system, keeping everything safe for those walking close to the conveyors.

Another feature of EZ Guide™ is that it is designed to remain adjustable through curves.  That is, the radius of the guides can change as the guide width is increased/decreased in the curve.  While there are many traditional guide rail systems that can be made to adjust their width in straight sections, there are very few that can truly be adjustable through a curved portion of conveyor.  The reason is because changing the radius of a section is difficult – the guides must bend, and the length of the guide has to increase/decrease as the radius is changed.  The EZ Guide™ system handles both of those problems with its unique design. 

Initially available in two different configurations, the EZ Guide™ system can accommodate many types of conveyor and still provide the ability to guide through curves. A fixed configuration provides a basic fixed-width guidance solution for single-width products and/or safety concerns (such as overhead conveyor installations). The manual adjustment is the entry-level system which is adjusted by manually unlocking the guides and positioning the guide rail by hand.  This is very similar to almost all other guide rail systems on the market. 

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For more information on Span Tech's new EZ Guide™ set to launch at Pack Expo Connects, November 9-13, 2020 and the benefits it can have foryour company's operation, contact CHC or your Sales Engineer. For a live demo, visit here.
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