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Alba-Soda-Machine-250wDealing with any bulky, heavy objects safely and ergonomically is always a challenge. And refurbishing and cleaning 600 lb. soda vending machines on 40" x 96" or 40" x 60" carrier boards requires a creative system solution that meets specific requirements. And when posed with this challenge, Alba Manufacturing stepped in. 
In tailoring a solution, Alba evaluated the following requirements: operator processing required vending machines to remain at a low elevation, and due to an upstream washing process, conveyor needed to be corrosion resistant. Additionally, vending machines needed to be easily transferred 90° from a trunk line onto operator workstation spurs. Once located in a workstation spur, the vending machine needs to remain stationery and stable during the work process.

To keep the lowest elevation possible and provide maximum control, Alba used standard gravity conveyor equipped with pneumatically actuated Superail transfers. These transfers allowed the product to be moved safely to the operator work stations. Pneumatic actuated roller brakes in the work zones ensured product stability during the operator work process. Lastly, to affordably address the moisture issue, Alba’s hot dipped, galvanized frame and supports zinc plated rollers and sealed bearings, allowed the conveyor to handle residual moisture from the recently washed vending machines; thereby resisting corrosion.

Alba’s integrated, full-length gravity conveyor line allows for a stable and ergonomic method of transporting and queuing vending machines during the cleaning and refurbishment process, ensuring product and operator safety.
Conveyor/Product Specifications
  • Length: 100’ Systems Overall Length
  • Rollers: 2-1/2" diameter x 11-gauge zinc plated tubing, with 11/16" zinc plated hex axles, spring retained, and ABEC-1 sealed bearings
  • Effective Width: 44"
  • Elevation: 11" top of roller
  • Paint: Hot dipped galvanized frames and zinc plated rollers
For more information on Alba's gravity conveyor line and the benefits they may have for your company's operation, contact CHC or your Sales Engineer.
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