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A Fresh Start to Your (Material Handling) New Year

- January 11, 2018

Fresh Start to the New Year Material HandlingEach New Year, a fresh start presents itself. People are ready for change and to create new beginnings. The material handling industry is no different...there is always a challenge or need to tackle. And there is always room for improvement in your warehouse. Does your equipment need refining or replacing? Do you need to analyze processes to improve efficiency?

With increased productivity requirements and labor costs, distribution centers and facilities are tasked with acquiring and maintaining equipment that is reliable, accurate and efficient in handling products.

It's time to assess your needs...consider the following:

  • What products are you handling? Consider the overall volume, specs and the process by which those products or materials are being handled.
  • What are the costs and benefits over time to making necessary improvements? Compare the costs of upgrades and/or modifications vs. the replacement.
  • What obstacles, if any, do you currently have? Are you limited by space in your warehouse? Is budget a concern? Do you have an in-house service technician to address any potential maintenance required?

Any and all recommendations, including maintenance, should be considered when tackling your material handling to-do list. Updating, improving, and implementing your material handling equipment should meet or exceed the demands of your current operation, while providing a cost effective and efficient solution to meet those needs. With every new beginning, there are always new solutions and technology advancements to consider to ensure that your operations are always running smoothly and efficiently.

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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