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Sorting It All Out

- October 07, 2016

sortation systemWhen it comes to sorting product, there are many different options made available to divert product in a sortation system. Sortation allows the flow of goods to move more efficiently and accurately. In optimizing warehouse operations, these sortation systems will also require software and controls, a critical aspect to sortation.

Before determining the optimal sortation system to best suit your warehouse needs, defining the dimension, weight and type of product, as well as how the product is handled, needs to be established.

These systems are usually categorized among a high, medium, and low throughput rate. This rate is based on the products per minute diverted in order to achieve set goals in fulfillment for your warehouse. Those goals may include reducing labor costs, and accuracy and speed in handling product. High throughput rate sortation system options include a sliding shoe, tilt tray and narrow belt sorter. Medium throughput sorters, sorting products at a moderate speed, include pivot and pop-up, and 24 volt sorters. And lastly, low throughput sorters, frequently used in split-case applications, are the least expensive sorters and include 90° transfer sorters.

In any fast-moving warehouse or distribution center, choosing the right sortation system will increase efficiency and throughput in the order fulfillment process.

Author: Heather Connors, Conveyor Handling Company

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