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Turnkey Solutions

- March 08, 2018

turnkey solutionsYou most likely hear the term “turnkey solution” repeated amidst your conversations about your facility’s material handling needs.  You may even have some ideas as to the direction to take to meet those needs.  However, what exactly is a turnkey solution, and furthermore, how do you implement such a solution in your warehouse? 

Wikipedia defines turnkey solution as a solution where the contractor or provider undertakes the entire responsibility from design through completion or commissioning.  The client or customer only has to turn the proverbial key to make everything function as it should. 

When using that term in relation to improving processes within your facility, these customized solutions are choreographed by a material handling systems integrator.  Ultimately, a performance of sorts is created ensuring that all elements of the solution work together and sync harmoniously to improve your material handling efficiency and productivity. 

It is at this point where your systems integrator’s knowledge and expertise becomes the critical component to a successful turnkey project.  Whether you are using automated storage solutions or conveyor solutions, the upfront planning, design layout, and knowledge of equipment applications is as vital as the actual implementation of the solution itself.  The true success of a material handling turnkey solution depends on how well your systems integrator understands your operation and orchestrates the entire process from concept to “going live.” 

By relying on your systems integrator to supply a material handling turnkey system to improve your warehouse operations and daily processes, it will allow you to focus on what you do best – running your operation.  So, the next time you hear the term, turnkey solution, welcome the conversation—embrace the potential. After all, choosing the right systems integrator and working closely with them to understand your needs, will in effect change how you bring improvements to your operation.

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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