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You Went, You Saw...Now to Conquer MODEX 2016

- April 22, 2016

MODEX 2016You've been to MODEX 2016 and likely met with many people along the what?!

As you begin to sift through the multitude of information obtained at MODEX 2016, your mind begins to work towards strategically developing and implementing a solution to your material handling challenge. Or maybe you are overloaded with the amount of information out there on how to resolve the daunting task of moving product within your distribution center or facility.

You’ve created your ‘wish list’ containing items of interest to improve upon in your facility. Now to conquer that wish list and to reach out to a systems integrators to help you accomplish your goals.

The benefits to working with a systems integrator are immeasurable. From the design and engineering phase to implementation, a material handling integrator will work closely with you to determine the solution that best fits your needs based on functionality, space allocation, cost, and overall efficiency and productivity.

MODEX 2016 has opened your eyes to the latest efficiency enhancing products, solutions and systems for your manufacturing and supply chain business. It is now up to you to take action. What is the biggest material handling challenge you face?

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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