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Above the Bar

- February 19, 2016

barcode systemBarcode acquisitioning systems in the material handling industry are critical to the efficiency of product movement within your warehouse, distribution center, or facility. With the enormous amount of data that can be stored within a simple barcode scan inventory, it’s no wonder why every manufacturer and distributor alike would not implement this system. Barcoding systems provide an ease of use to the operator as it streamlines the processing time while also tracking individual items for inventory control to effectively and efficiently move products.

Operations improve with the use of handheld scanners, eliminating the human error factor and thereby saving labor costs as well as time.  In addition, a barcode acquisitioning system can seamlessly perform an inventory of products more quickly and easily, implementing quite a bit more information and data to be stored on the backend for further analysis of products. These systems also allow for a more comprehensive tracking system to determine the movement of goods from its origin through to its delivery. What factors help you to determine the best solution to move products within your warehouse? Would a barcoding system help efficiently track inventory for your facility?

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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