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Blank Space

- March 11, 2016

warehouse space material handling needsSuccess…Can it be measured by the way your warehouse or distribution facility is structured internally? Utilizing the space within your facility is vital to improving your warehouse operations. The ‘blank space’ (air or floor space currently unused) of your warehouse, is space that may be more effectively used to maximize the storage of your material handling products, keeping your inventory well-stocked and visible.

We all often look around in our homes and places of work to determine the best ways possible to utilize and expand upon the space that we have to work with. In the material handling industry, optimizing space is no different and will increase production and improve the efficiency of product moved, simply by improving space utilization. Rack, shelving, automated storage and mezzanines are but a few cost effective solutions to improve floor space for loading and unloading your goods.

Take a look at your warehouse or distribution facility’s blank space. Assess the space itself and determine what material handling solutions will give you more value for your space in maximizing your productivity. Does your warehouse or distribution facility occupy too much blank space? When evaluating your warehouse needs in terms of space, what is important to you?

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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