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Less is More

- June 17, 2021

CHC Less is MoreWho ever said that having more of anything is necessarily a good thing? In the material handling industry, just the opposite may be said—less is more! 

E-commerce in distribution centers and warehouse facilities are continuously looking for ways to make themselves more competitive and thus more profitable. And just how might this be achieved—through an integral product and process implementation to maximize space utilization, throughput and productivity. Creating a less congested work environment by utilizing the footprint, to maximize space with the right material handling equipment is a key component. With less, comes more—more efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Throughput and productivity can only be a direct result of the material handling equipment and processes in place to support it. And when juggling all of these proverbial balls in the air, they all point towards automation. 

Taking your warehouse to the next level in automation is the change needed to accelerate results. Automating distribution center operations through innovative technologies will help to provide a continuous flow of throughput and resilience to the end user. Converging automated technologies with WCS, WMS, and WES software system processes prove to be vital to the success of your daily operations. These software systems streamline multiple processes and simplify management. Taking it one step further and catapulting automation to its peak, newer AI (artificial intelligence) technologies have the ability to offer ‘touchless’ fulfillment centers, reducing labor sources, ultimately creating less ‘congestion’ providing an uninterrupted flow of goods. 

Implementing the latest technologies to advance your facilities should take front and center. Automation, through many material handling products to include AS/RS, maximizes your space and creates a seamless process from start to finish. Maximized throughput and productivity can and will be achieved through the systemic implementation of material handling automated equipment. There is no doubt that automation and its technologies can be a whole other beast of its own, but it is one that leverages and advances positive change for all DC operations and supply chain businesses. 

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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