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A Technology Booming in the Material Handling Industry

- February 20, 2015

robotic palletizers

Lately, the material handling industry is all abuzz about Robotic Palletizers. Whether automating repetitive tasks on a line or pallet case picking in a warehouse or distribution center, robotic palletizers are utilized to improve the end of line operations. We all know how time consuming and expensive (labor costs) manually placing boxes on a pallet can be, creating unnecessary physical stress on employees. With the advancements in automated technologies, robotic palletizers are now becoming more mainstream in the distribution center and warehouse circuit.

Benefits to robotic palletizers include:

  • Increase in accuracy and speed of production
  • Longer and more frequent operation time
  • Production and efficiency: handling heavy loads and at multiple production lines
  • Flexibility: can handle various pallet patterns, change loads, or add products
  • Reliability
  • Less overall space needed to operate
  • Reduced costs
  • Safer, more ergonomic operation; avoiding injury to workers or missed production due to operator injury

Today’s manufacturing processes continue to focus on improvements to maximize efficiency. By integrating robotic palletizing units into your system, productivity and profitability will improve while increasing the safety of the work environment and load accuracy. In addition, labor costs and product damage will decrease significantly.

It’s time to update and automate the palletizing process in our warehouse and distribution centers. Conveyor Handling Company can improve many aspects of your operation through robotic palletizing systems. 

Author: Heather Connors, Conveyor Handling Company

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