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The Millennial Generation’s Impact in the Material Handling Industry

- September 11, 2015


There is quite a bit of talk lately about the retainage of millennials in today’s material handling industry. Finding good employees can be tough…but finding good employees who want to stick around proves to be an even bigger challenge in this millennial age. The days of the 20+ year employee has long since gone. Information that was once stored in file cabinets is now shared in the clouds. Millennials have grown up in a technology-driven, socially networked world. They are confident, tech-savvy, and impatient, having a reputation for being job hoppers. And they expect the industry’s workplace environment to provide a similar experience to their own personal engagement with current technologies.

Social media is more widely used than ever before, ultimately reaching millennials and customers alike.  Reaching those customers across various platforms enhances a company’s image, potentially boosting business and ultimately attracting millennials towards a company. As a result, there is an inadvertent pressure on employers to invest more towards current technologies and software in order to retain Generation Y.

Technology is always changing in the material handling industry. It is important to recognize and follow this change. Keeping up with technological advances and embracing that revolution will welcome the millennial employee in an industry that is always advancing its efforts in productivity and efficiency.

  1. Tools & Training: Provide them with the proper training in the workplace gives them purpose, direction, and knowledge empowerment. In addition, keeping up with technology and software tools in the workplace assists in keeping your company current, appealing to the millennial.
  2. Communication: Feedback is key; millennials rely on an open communication and dialogue more routinely, just as they are used to that communication via social networks.
  3. Opportunity: Career advancement and promotions always make an employer more attractive; they want to move up—and do so quickly.

What impact has this millenial generation had on your company? Provide feedback or comment.

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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