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Taking the Conveyor Approach

- June 14, 2018


Conveyor Approach

Moving product from point A to point B…and possibly several points in between. It is that possible movement between points that alone can take on a complexity of its own. And it is in this in between that you must establish what can and can’t, will and won’t work with your products in movement.

A conveyor is an efficient way to move product and material within your distribution center facility. Loads of all shapes and sizes are sorted, moved and distributed along a conveyor system to the end-of-line. Whether a straight line conveyor or an automated sortation system, the conveyor helps determine how product will move within your facility.

So, how do you decide what type of conveyor will suit your needs. Weighing your options between a gravity conveyor—moving loads without power, and powered conveyors—moving loads using an electric/pneumatic power system of motors and drives, is a start, but how do you proceed?

What type of product are you looking to convey? How is the conveyor used? Depending on your operational needs and the materials you are looking to sort and move throughout, conveyor systems, modular in design, are used to shape your warehouse and can be molded to fit your specifications. Used in a variety of ways and traveling along a fixed path, conveyors typically reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

Evaluating the processes within a distribution center can assist you with the nature of establishing how you convey those products and loads from one place to another. Additionally, the throughput or speed necessary to transport your load is a critical component in selecting the conveyors to use within your facility. Varying conveyor types can accommodate variable speeds based on your operational need.

In taking the conveyor approach, determine first what it is you need to convey; establish the general route needed to move your product and material from point A to point B; and then put into place conveyor that will work best to help you achieve the efficiency and speed to successfully meet the demands of transporting that product.

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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