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A Bar above the Rest

- March 03, 2017

warehouse controls

Warehouse processes are vital to the success of your daily operations. They can include identifying your bar code and product with systems incorporated throughout your conveyor path. Connecting your product to an internal warehouse management system (WMS) will ensure the necessary quality control for a smooth and efficient operation.

These tools, available for scanning and classifying your bar codes or product, can consist of bar code laser scanners, code and RFID readers, image capture and vision systems. They are used to identify, sort and track the product. Scanning and vision systems will help fulfill the regulatory requirements for distribution centers, while simultaneously lowering the defect rate of your throughput. The benefits in utilizing a bar coding or vision systems live information include eliminating manual data entry and paper records for hands-on quantity counts as well as streamlining the overall process. The end result harvests a daily efficient control and management of the entire inventory operation. Collectively, scanning and vision systems are essential to the daily function of your warehouse operation.

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company

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