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Taking on the Challenge

- January 17, 2019

Checklist of to-do'sStarting anew and ready to tackle your set of to-do’s? Taking on the many challenges faced today in the material handling industry can prove to be daunting. For the industry is continuously changing order fulfillment and the way products are handled and moved in and out of a facility, and through various means. It is up to you to be diligent upon improving the productivity and efficiency of your daily operations.

With increased productivity requirements and labor costs, distribution centers and facilities are tasked with acquiring and maintaining material handling equipment that is reliable, accurate and efficient in handling products.

Evaluating your warehouse challenges and equipment needs requires a thorough understanding of what products are handled and the volume at which those products are handled. Furthermore, establishing the foundation and space allocated to which you have to move said product throughout the facility is a key component in determining any viable material handling solution.

New or existing material handling equipment should always be kept up-to-date and meet—preferably exceed—the demands of your operation. Creating a practical budget is also essential in updating and improving any material handling equipment needs. Processes should become more efficient and productive and facilities should run smoother with any new or updated addition.

Getting a handle first on these qualifications and creating your checklist early on will prove to be most beneficial when implementing any material handling solutions within your operation. So, when taking on the challenge of improving processes in your facilities or making the necessary modifications to accommodate any changes to your business, simply jump in, start that to-do list and start checking off those boxes.

Author: Heather Connors, Director of Marketing, Conveyor Handling Company


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